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Ontario Government Protecting What Matters Most

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Ontario Government Protecting What Matters Most

Ontario’s Government for the People builds toward financial sustainability and a more prosperous future

Treasury Board Secretariat

TORONTO — Today, Peter Bethlenfalvy, President of the Treasury Board, tabled the annual estimates in the provincial legislature, highlighting the government's commitment to restore financial sustainability and protect what matters most to Ontarians.

This year's annual tabling of the estimates reveals the hard work that has been done by the Ontario Government to strike a balance between restoring provincial finances and maintaining the high-quality services that Ontarians expect and deserve - both now and for future generations.

"Ontario must chart a new fiscal path or risk becoming a failed economic state," said Bethlenfalvy. "By racking up the largest subnational debt in the world and spending $40 million more per day than it was taking in, the previous government put the things that matter most at risk, like healthcare and education. That's not ideology. That's math."

In the 2019 Ontario Budget, the government put forward a plan that sets Ontario on the right path to achieve significant savings and cost avoidance, while moving forward on a plan to reduce the debt burden. Through strategic investments, the budget aims to preserve the vital services Ontarians rely on and help make life easier for the hard-working people of this province.

"The interest on debt accumulated by the previous government is the single largest cut to frontline services in Ontario's history," said Bethlenfalvy. "Ontario deserves a better, brighter future. That's what we're building - without apology, and with tremendous care. That's the core commitment behind our plan: a promise to protect what matters most."

Quick Facts

  • Estimates are the government’s formal request to the Legislature for legal spending authority and contain detailed financials for each ministry.
  • This year, the Estimates Volume 1 are distributed electronically to reduce costs and save taxpayer dollars.
  • Budget 2019 proposed increased funding of almost $4 billion for electricity price relief.
  • If passed, the budget would introduce the new Childcare Access and Relief from Expenses (CARE) tax credit, which would provide about 300,000 families with up to 75 per cent of their eligible child care expenses.
  • Ontario’s education investment this year would introduce a $1.6 billion commitment to protect teacher jobs.
  • In a historic move to lower tuition by 10%, the government is ensuring all qualified Ontario students will have more access to high-quality skills training and education.
  • The government is taking a comprehensive approach to modernize the public health care system. By relentlessly focusing on patient experience, and on better connected care, Ontario will reduce wait times and end hallway health care.

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