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Ontario Freezing More Driver and Vehicle Fees

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Ontario Freezing More Driver and Vehicle Fees

Government for the People cancels scheduled fee increase for January

Ministry of Transportation

Ontario's Government for the People is taking another step to make life more affordable for taxpayers and businesses by putting a stop to driver and vehicle fees that were set to increase today on January 1, 2019.

This is the second round of driver and vehicle fee increases that the Government for the People has cancelled. In September, fees for driver's licences and road and knowledge tests were frozen.

"Families and businesses alike will benefit from the freeze on fees," said Minister of Transportation Jeff Yurek. "We're leaving money in people's pockets, so they can spend it on the things that really matter to them."

"Today's announcement is more proof that Ontario is open for business," Yurek said.

The following fees are being frozen to directly benefit Ontario drivers, vehicle owners, farmers and businesses:


Scheduled to increase to

Fee will remain at

Passenger vehicle validation - South  



Passenger vehicle validation - North



Commercial vehicle (<3k kg) personal use only (PUO) validation - South



Commercial vehicle (<3k kg) personal use only (PUO) validation - North



Commercial <3k kg business validation - South



Commercial <3k kg business validation - North



Personalized licence plate

     $32 - $318

$15 - $300 

Oversize/overweight permits (single trip)

     $66.25 - $714

$65 -$700

Oversize/overweight permits (non-single trip)

     $16.75 - $448.75

$16.50 - $440

Heavy commercial validation fees

     $270.50 - $4,786.75

$265.25 - $4,693

Farm vehicle validation (> 3000 kg)

     $160.25 - $1,270.50

$157 - $1,245.50

Bus and school bus validation

     $137.50 - $2,306

$134.75 - $2,260.75

Dealer/service permit for motor vehicle, trailer, motorcycle or motor assisted bicycle (motorcycle/other)

     $100 - $179

$98 - $175

Manufacturer validation for motor vehicle or motorcycle

     $100 - $179

$98 - $175

Replacements (driver's licence, enhanced driver's licence, driver instructor licence, commercial vehicle operators registration,  oversize/overweight)



Commercial vehicle operator registration original, re-enter



Commercial vehicle operator registration renewal



This decision is part of the government's commitment to putting people first.

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