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Toronto Contracting Company and Owner Each Convicted for 11 Counts of Engaging in an Unfair Practice

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Toronto Contracting Company and Owner Each Convicted for 11 Counts of Engaging in an Unfair Practice

Convicted:  GarCon Building Group Limited (GarCon) and Mr. Adam Gardin, Director, Secretary, and Treasurer of GarCon.

Location:  Toronto.

Description of Offences:  11 counts against GarConUnfair Practice under Ontario's Consumer Protection Act, 2002 (CPA), 11 counts against Adam Gardin - Unfair Practice under the CPA.

Date of Offences:  Between October 2013 and September 2014.

Conviction and Sentencing:

  • March 2018:  Guilty pleas entered by GarCon and Mr. Gardin.
  • February 2019:  Convictions registered against GarCon and Mr. Gardin.
  • July 26, 2019:  Sentence handed down at the Ontario Court of Justice in Toronto by His Worship P. Marum.

Penalties Imposed:

  • GarCon was fined a total of $1.125 million and has one year to pay. 
  • Mr. Gardin was sentenced to a total 1,342 days in jail (just over three and a half years) and ordered to pay a total of $856,355 in restitution.
  • Mr. Gardin was also placed on probation for 24 months with terms that require him to pay $36,000 per month in restitution and prevent him from holding or controlling any businesses.


  • Mr. Gardin and GarCon entered into Direct and Future Performance Agreements with several consumers for significant renovations to their homes, and received substantial deposits, progress and work order payments.
  • Renovation projects were started, but none were completed.
  • The doors to GarCon's office were closed by a bailiff on December 29, 2014 for non-payment of rent.
  • Mr. Gardin placed GarCon into bankruptcy on January 6, 2015. At the time of the bankruptcy, all the renovation projects involved in this matter were abandoned.
  • This conviction has resulted in one of the largest fines and longest jail terms imposed under the Consumer Protection Act.
  • Ontario's Consumer Protection Act, 2002 provides for fines of up to $250,000 for corporations per charge and $50,000 per charge for individuals convicted of offences. It also provides for jail terms of up to two years less a day for each offence for individuals.
  • The act empowers the court to order offenders to make restitution to victims.
  • Consumer Protection Ontario reminds consumers to:
    • Pay no more than a 10-per-cent deposit;
    • Visit the Consumer Beware List before entering into a contract with any company; and
  • Visit ontario.ca/ConsumerProtection for tips on how to protect their money and ensure they are signing a proper contract

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